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Agenda 01/22/01 to 01/23/01

  1. Get a stamp from Mr. Hartzog for your Lab Report
  2. Find your new seats and groups by following the instuctions below
    1. Go to the side lab bench and pick up handouts
    2. Look at your handouts to find out which group you are in and look at the board to see where your group is
    3. Fill out the student imformation sheets
    4. Pick up the group roles sheet, then choose the roles for the members, such as the leader, the recorder, the clerk, and the scientist.
      1. If there are five people the fifth person is a member-at- large.
      2. The leaders and recorders must be picked and it cannot be someone who is absent
  3. Clerks pick up the Mystery of the Senses Rubric from Mr. Hartzog's desk for your group and proofread someone else's Lab Report.
    1. One person useing the green pen, corrects the paper for content.
    2. Another person will use a red pen to correct spelling and grammar mistakes.
  4. Homework: Using the rubric finish the final draft of the Lab Report, due the next time class meets.