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Agenda 04/17/01 to 04/18/01

  1. Evolution -- The Fossil Evidence
    1. What are fossils?
    2. What would preserve better, muscles and guts, or bones and shells? Why?
    3. What is a trace fossil?
    4. What is the difference between a mold and a cast fossil?
    5. How can paleontologist be certain when they say that a fossil is 167 million years old?
  2. What is The Fossil Project?
    1. Purpose:
      1. Each group will research one paleontology site to learn the following:
        • the types of fossils found at the site,
        • the age of the fossils,
        • and the environment where the organisms found at the site lived.
      1. Each group will teach the rest of the class about their site.
    1. Roles:
      1. Researcher/Presenter.
      2. Writer
      3. Fossil Artist
      4. Diorama Artist
    1. Choosing groups and roles.
    2. Choosing your site.
      1. Explore web sites that cover the following paleontology digs (sites):
      2. Find two sites that your group would enjoy researching, and write those chooses in the box marked Locality.
    3. Near the end of the period, have one representative from your group bring your chooses to Mr. Hartzog.
      1. If only your group chose that site, then its yours. Research, and enjoy.
      2. If two or more groups chose a site, then you will flip a coin to chose a site. May the best scientist win.
    4. Making daily progress. Each day, everyone must have their daily progress sheet filled out, and signed by Mr. Hartzog. This is part of your grade.