Class 10th Grade Integrated Science Date: Fall 1999



Agenda: Classify Galaxies To Do List Time (min)

Anticipatory Set: Embedded in the What happened to the Galaxies Catalogues storyline.


Objectives: 1) Students will be able to determine an Elliptical, a Spiral, and an Irregular Galaxy based upon a picture with 95% accuracy.

Instruction: 1) Show the What happened to the Galaxies Catalogues. piece by piece, DR-TA style.

    1. Have students answer the questions in groups after reading each section.
    2. After the students have read the entire story; give the students 30 mixed pictures of galaxies to arrange in three groups (e.g. Elliptical, Spiral, and Irregular). Many of the galaxy pictures are best if they are in color. If you have to use a copier, check the pictures for clarity, because most school copiers lose a lot of detail from the original pictures.
    3. Once the students are positive that they have the galaxies catalogued properly, have them paste them by type on a piece of paper.
    4. Have the students check and grade themselves by comparing their galaxies with a proof set (answer sheet with pictures).

Closure: Have the students write a one to two page report about the types of galaxies. Students should answer three questions in the paper.

    1. What are the characteristics of Elliptical, Spiral, and Irregular Galaxies?
    2. Find and describe at least one other type of galaxy.
    3. Create a new type of galaxy, then describe how that new group affects the other groups. Then state why scientist may create a new type of galaxy.


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