Class Integrated Science Date: 10/22/98




Agenda Solar System (Planet Presentations) To Do List Time (min)

Anticipatory Set: Re-match groups to computers, and have groups begin their work on their respective planet presentations. Pluto was on my computer Tuesday. Put them on Computer 1, and Neptune on my computer.


Objectives: Students know how to explain the differences and similarities between the Sun, the terrestrial planets and the gas planets and relate those differences and similarities to the formation of the Solar System.


Objectives: Performance Standard 18.4: Creating a scale map of the solar system . Note:This will be done via PowerPoint instead of on paper.

Performance Standard 18.8: Discussion of the formation of planetary rings and gravitational interactions.


Objectives: Students will learn features about their planets (see the Presentation sheet for requirements).


      1. Each group of students (based upon which planet they are working on) will be given a computer to use for the day.
      2. Groups will continue working on their Planet Presentations (Power Point).
      3. Handout the planet rubric.
      4. Walk around, and check in on each group.
      5. After about 15 mins, pull the groups to their tables, and give a demonstration of a C presentation on Earth.
      1. Pick Power Point's Comet layout.
      2. Type in Solar System on the Heading, then Earth on the subheading.
      3. Pick a blank new slide.
      4. Go to the NASA Web site and find an image of Earth.
      5. Copy the image by right clicking.
      6. Paste the image on the Power Point slide.
      7. Add a slide with a title and bullet list area.
      8. Type in Earth in the Heading, then information about Earth.
      9. Go back to the NASA Web Site, and check the Earth FactSheet.
      10. Copy information from the Web site, then paste it into the Presentation.
      11. Show a completed show of a C grade presentation.

Check for Understanding

      1. Ask Mercury Group if Earth is a gas or a solid.
      2. Ask Venus Group if Earth has any satellites. If Earth does, what is its name?
      3. Ask Mars Group what is the distance of Earth from the Sun.
      4. Ask the Jupiter group what is the number of days in Earth's year.
      5. Ask the Saturn group if I had any pictures of Earth (Yes/No). Did I have any other pictures? What? (Moon and Earth, and the Moon)
      6. Ask the Neptune, Uranus group, and Pluto group to grade the presentation (C).


      1. Have the groups continue with their Presentation work.
      2. With 20 minutes left in the Period, have the groups complete their update memos.
      3. Bring the groups back to their tables.
      4. Have each group review their quiz again.


      1. Let the groups know that they will have a similar quiz on Monday.

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