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Cell Biology

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Protocells: Origin of Cellular Life

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With the help of my students, I have found the following WEB sites that should provide you with some reference materials for Cell Biology.


Student Objectives

Students will be able to explain Cell Theory, which states that cells are the basic unit of all living things, that cells are the basic functional and structural unit of all living things, and that cells are always made from pre-existing cells.
Students will describe the basic structure of a Eukaryotic Cell, as well as the functions of at the seven most common cell organelles. Students will demonstrate their competence by
* investigating several types of cells, including unicellular organisms, muscle cells, blood cells, and plant cells.
* creating a brochure that describes the cell and its organelles by making an analogy with a familiar thing, such as a city.
Students will be able to describe the movement of material into and out of the cell by
* experimenting with diffusion and ossmosis, then
*describe the structure and function of the cellular membrane, and its attached membrane proteins.
Students will be able to explain how cells are organized into more complex structures, from tissues to the biosphere.
Students will be able to explain the evolution of the cell by
*exaiming the similarities and differences between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, and
*exaiming how the Protocell may evolve into a Prokaryote.

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