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Mitosis & Meiosis Booklet


In your group, make a booklet of Meiosis and Mitosis using poetry and pictures. Each person will be responsible for both one illustration and for one poem about either mitosis or meiosis. So, in a group of four, your booklet will have two poems and illustrations about mitosis, and two poems and illustrations about meiosis. In a group of three, one of the illustrations and poems will be missing.

Grading Guidelines:

For a C:

You have to show what happens with the nucleus, the DNA, and the organelles in each stage through an illustration and poetry.

For an A:

You have to do the above, plus use the vocabulary words: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase in your poem. (see Biology Principles and Explorations p. 131)


To see the stages of Mitosis look in Biology Principles and Explorations p.130, Figure 6-10

To see stages of Meiosis look in Biology Principles and Explorations p.132-133, Figure 6-12

For more information look up the site Cells Alive there are other links in Mr. Hartzog’s web site.

Go to Mitosis practice for an in-class exercise about mitosis.

Sample Illustration:

Sample Poem:

Meiosis and Mitosis

Meiosis and mitosis

Both go through few phases

Splitting and dividing

Into so many places

Going thorough interface

Then prophase

Metaphase and anaphase

Telophase the last phases that they face

Meiosis likes dividing so it divides one time more

It repeats itself and tries to be four

Mitosis is too lazy

So maybe it'll go crazy

Having only 2 daughters

It isn't their thingy

Mitosis and meiosis

Both have few daughters

2 for Mitosis

And 4 for Meiosis

Meiosis gives off 1 n to their offspring's in the end

Mitosis gives off 2n to their offspring in the end

N's are pairs of chromosomes given to their heir

So they can go on and pass it on there

Dividing is their thing

Reproducing is their game

Don't bother them

Or you'll mess up their thing