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Tropical rainforest are found along Earth's equator, where temperatures rise from 25° to 35° C (77° to 95° F), and the average rainfall is from 150 to 400 cm (55 to 160 in) per year. As the name suggest, the dominate plant form are trees. Tropical rainforest can be found in central Africa and the Amazon watershed, and Asia,

Because of the high rainfall, plant growth is profuse, and because the fall and regrowth of leaves occur gradually throughout each year, the forest is always active. The trees can reach a height of 60 m(200ft), creating habitats for a large and diverse number of species. Some species never setting foot on the ground. This produces a large 3-dimensional environment that changes drastically with height.

The truly tropical rainforest lie from 10°N to 10°S of the equator, while the subtropical rainforest lies just outside of 10°N and 10°S latitude. With just this small difference, the subtropical rainforest undergoes seasonal changes, such as the monsoons of Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia.