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Evolution Theory: Witnesses for the Defense

As a Witness for the Defense, you must present evidence that supports the Theory of Evolution. In this trial, you will take on the persona of a person who examined, and researched evidence that has supported Evolution Theory. To prepare for your role, you must research one of the following personages. You must know a little of their life and biographies. But more important, you must know their research, and how it supports the Theory of Evolution.

Charles Darwin (Naturalist) see Biology. Principles & Explorations, and Origin of Species.

Thomas H. Huxley (Biologist). See The ATHENÆUM.

Jean Baptiste Lamark (Biologist) see Biology. Principles & Explorations

Donald C. Johanson (Paleontologist) see the video In Search of Human Origins

Gregor Mendel (Monk) see Biology. Principles & Explorations,

Kenneth R. Miller see How Did We Get Here? (A Cyber Debate)

Aurthur Holmes (Geologist). see A Science Odyssey.

In your research, you must be prepared for the following questions:

  1. State you name for the record.
  2. Why are you an expert on the Theory of Evolution?
  3. What research have you done which supports the Theory of Evolution?

But remember that the Prosecutor will know something about the work that you researched, so be prepared for the tricky questions, like

  1. Isn't true that the fossil record does not show a smooth, gradual transition from extinct species to their presumed descendants?
  2. Since the Theory of Evolution had not been developed when you did your last research, how can you state that your work does indeed support the theory?

The good witness would have prepared themselves for the both the obvious questions, and questions that highlight the problems in their own work.