Geologic Time Scales

Geologic Time
Paleozoic Era
Cambrian Period
Ordovician Period
Silurian Period
Devonian Period
Carboniferous Period
Mesozoic Era
Triassic Period
Jurassic Period
Cretaceous Period
Cenozoic Era
Tertiary Period
Quaternary Period
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Geologic Time Scales

Cretaceous Period

Dating from 146-65mya, the Cretaceous Period saw the development of Angiosperms, the flowering plants. Most gymnosperms forsaken their softer leaves and seeds for harder dermises to reduce the damage done by the herbivorous dinosaurs. This change left a niche opened for a fast growing weed that produced tons of seeds, the first flowers. As the angiosperm evolved, another group of animals linked their future to the flowers, the insects.