Geologic Time Scales

Geologic Time
Paleozoic Era
Cambrian Period
Ordovician Period
Silurian Period
Devonian Period
Carboniferous Period
Mesozoic Era
Triassic Period
Jurassic Period
Cretaceous Period
Cenozoic Era
Tertiary Period
Quaternary Period
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Geologic Time Scales

Tertiary Period

Dating from 65-1.8mya, the Tertiary Period saw the early mammals, flowers, insects, and birds move into the open niches left by the extinct dinosaurs. During this period, the major families of these groups evolved. The early primates appeared during this time, dividing into lineages that led to our present monkeys, apes, and man. The branch that led to Homo sapien separated from the branch the led to the modern chimpanzee some 6mya.