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Hominid Evolution

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Hominid Evolution

Represented in Figure 10.1 are two different interpretations of how australopithecines evolved. Use figure 10.1 to answer question # 1-3. Circle the letter that best answers the question. Figure 10.1 Figure 10.1
  1. The most significant difference between the two graphs is:
    1. Graph F shows A. afarensis evolving 4 million years ago while graph G shows A. afarensis evolving 3.75 million years ago,
    2. The placement of A. africanus on the evolutionary tree.
    3. H. erectus is directly related to H. habilis.
    4. The placement of A. robustus on the evolutionary tree.
  2. Both graphs suggest all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. H. sapiens evolved from H.erectus.
    2. A. africanus is related to A afarensis.
    3. H. habilis became extinct sometime between 1-1.75 million years ago.
    4. A. boisei eventually evolved into H. sapiens
  3. The type of evidence that would be most helpful in determining which graph is more correct would be:
    1. a newly discovered skull fossil of H. sapiens.
    2. an unidentified fossilized skull found to be 750,000 years old.
    3. an unidentified fossilized skull found to be 3.25 million years old.
    4. An A. robustus skull found to be 1 million years old.