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Burgess Shale
Carboniferous Period
Hell Creek
La Brea Tar Pits
Mazon Creek
White Sea
Green River Formation
Liaoning Province

Burgess Shale

Burgess Shale Fossils
Smithsonian Inst., Dept. of Paleobiology

Carboniferous Period

UC Berkely's Carboniferous
Age of Great Forest
Plant Fossils of W. Virginia
Think Quest
Dinosaur Art Museum

Hell Creek

Milwaukee Public Museum
Illinois State Geological Survey
Dinosaur Eggs

La Brea Tar Pits

UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology, La Brea Tar Pits
La Brea Tar Pits Photos Tour

Mazon Creek

Illinois State Fossil
Illinois State Museum


UC Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology, Solnhofen Sites
Geoscience Enterprises

White Sea

UCB's Museum of Paleontology, Vendian Period
The Miller Museum of Geology, Queen's University
White Sea Geology

Green River Formation

The Museum of Western Colorado, Dinosaur Valley Museum
Western Paleo Labs Gallery: Green River Formation Specimens
Warfield Springs Fossil Quarries

Liaoning Province

Yale Peabody Museum
Fossils of China
Finds from Dr. Don Wolberg Sin-Am Bridge Inc.

Fossils of Nova Scotia

Welcome to Kevin C. Hartzog's WEB site.

With the help of UC Berkeley's Interactive University and the science teachers of TMAHS, I have put together the accompaning links of Paleontology Dig Sites.


Student Objectives

Students will be able to describe the Evolution of the organisms on Earth in the following manner.
Students will be able to describe the major Eons and Periods of Earth
* by creating TIMELINES illustrating the major Eons and Periods of Earth.
* by creating fossils that identify Earth's Eons and Periods, and
* by writing a formal report describing the identifying features of the major Eons and Periods of Earth.
Students will be able to validate a fossil's age
* by using Radioactive Dating,
* and by calculating Uplift Rates.
Students will be able to explain Evolutionary Theory
* by preparing for a trial that will critically exam the evidence that supports Evolutionary Theory.



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