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Dinosaur titan unearthed in Egypt

Evolution of Mammals

Tiny Animal May Be Mammals' Ancestor
Kenyanthropus platyops

Evolution of Man

Our Earliest Ancestors
Primate Conservation, Inc.
Extant Primates
Skatty's Primate Page, Human Origins
Early Modern Homo sapiens
Multiregional and Replacement Theories
Neanderthals and Modern Humans

Horse's Evolution

Evolution of Horse
Horse Evolution
Evolution of Horse
Evolution of The Hackney Horse

Evolution of Birds

PBS: Evolution - Birds
Are Birds Really Dinosaurs?
Birds from Dinosaurs?
Did birds evolve from dinosaurs?
All mixed up over birds and dinosaurs

Evolution of Whales

Primitive Eocene Whales
Whale Fossils and Evolution - Enchanted Learning Software
Evolution of Cetaceans
A Glitch In The Evolution of Whales

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Welcome to Kevin C. Hartzog's Fossil Links Page.


Student Objectives

Students will be able to describe the Evolution of the organisms on Earth in the following manner.
Students will be able to describe the major Eons and Periods of Earth
* by creating TIMELINES illustrating the major Eons and Periods of Earth.
* by creating fossils that identify Earth's Eons and Periods, and
* by writing a formal report describing the identifying features of the major Eons and Periods of Earth.
Students will be able to validate a fossil's age
* by using Radioactive Dating,
* and by calculating Uplift Rates.
Students will be able to explain Evolutionary Theory
* by preparing for a trial that will critically exam the evidence that supports Evolutionary Theory.