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Agenda 05/08/01

Agenda Spring 2001

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Questions for 05/08/01 homework

  1. First Period:
    1. How do scientists track the evolution of scecies?
    2. How can habitat produce two? Evidence?
    3. How do they prove it?
    4. What is Darwin's theory?- found in textbook
    5. Did they study song birds to prove evolution? Why?
    6. What are galapagos and finches? - found in textbook
    7. What was the major change in the habitat to cause evolution?
  2. Fifth Period:
    1. How does a change in habitat cause a change in species?
    2. What was Darwin's theory?
    3. Does human presence affect evolution?
    4. What are the two species?
    5. How can one species evolve into two?
    6. What do song birds and salamanders have in common?
  3. Seventh Period:
    1. What is the relationship between song birds and salamanders to their habitat?
    2. What is a molecular clock? -found in encyclopedia
    3. What is Darwin's theory? -found in textbook
    4. How did he come up with it?-found in textbook
    5. How did scientists trace the song birds/ salamanders evolution?
    6. How long does it take to evolve?
    7. Can man synthesise the process of evolution?
    8. Who is Darren?
    9. Where are the song birds and salamanders located?
    10. How can we be sure they are related?
    11. What kind of changes are needed in the environment for evolution to occur?