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Respiration Essay Rubric:


Homework (Due 02/15/01, 02/16/07 for even classes):

In this essay, you will describe parts of the respiratory system, and how it works. In doing this, you will first descirbe a normal respiratory system, then you will compare it with an respiratory system that has a disorder, such as asthma, or a disease, such as pnemonia. The following will provide the rubric, from which I will grade this essay.

The essay must start with an introduction to the respiratory system. Start with a simple definition of what the respiratory system does. Then outline the parts of the respiratory system, listing the organs of the respiratory system and a quick definition of what each part does. Remember that this is an introduction, so the descriptions here will not have any details, so name the part and what is does. Then transition into the body of the essay.

The first half of this essay must describe the different organs of the respiratory system and what they do. Use one paragraph for each part, starting with the organ's name and repeat your earlier definiton of that organ's function. Now give details, describing the size (in centimeters) and shape of that organ. Does the shape help that organ perform its function? Answer that question, and give a detailed account of what that organ does. Show me the movement of air through that organ.

After you have finished describing each organ, transition into the second half of the essay by repeating the function of the entire respiratory system. Then tell me how it can malfunction, using the disorder or disease that you research as an example. Remember the questions that you had to research. Use that information. If you could not find anything, then just leave it out. This section should take a paragraph or two.

Then tell me about the people that are affected by the disorder. Does it hit one age group, country, and/or race more than another.

Conclude with a summary of the first and second half, with your words of wisdom about health.